Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Steering components & wheel bearings

In order to check the rest of the steering components, the vehicle must be lifted into the air with all 4 wheels off the ground. Lift the car to around chest height. Grab each side of the tire and turn it left and right WITHOUT engaging the steering gear. This test checks for play in the tie rod ends. There is an inner and outer tire rod end on every vehicle except some jeeps. To determine which one is loose, have someone shake the wheel until they feel the looseness while you go under the car. To check the outer tie rod, hold it and twist in until it cannot move. To rule out the inner tie rod, hold in and pull it up or down. If the looseness goes away with while holding the outer, then the outer is loose, and vice versa with the inner. To check wheel bearing play, hold the top and bottom of the tire and shake up and down. If any play is felt, have a partner shake the wheel while you go under the car. Feel the axle for movement. If the axle moves the same as the wheel bearing, the wheel bearing is loose. You can also test the wheel bearing by pushing the axle straight up or down which would hold the bearing in place if it is loose. Repeat the above with the rear suspension. Loose tie rods or wheel bearings fail an inspection. Below is a video showing a loose wheel bearing and how to check it.

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