Sunday, October 9, 2011

Exterior check

Upon pulling the vehicle back into the shop after the test drive, honk the horn to make sure it works and have a fellow employee assist in verifying all exterior lights are in working order. Any light that doesnt turn on when commanded to fails for the safety inspection. Be sure there arent any aftermarket equipment in front of any of the lights for this is grounds for a failuer and will require removal of the part prior to affixing a safety sticker. Broken lenses, missing lenses or cracked lenses will need replacing before a vehicle can pass the inspection. During the light check, walk around the car and check for any body damage or protruding body parts. Body damage may fail depending on the extent of said damage. If a bumper is just hanging on or flopping around or has sharp corners sticking out, that is considered a hazard and will fail.

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